How to add subtitles in the VLC player

Many of us use the VLC player to watch our favorite content like movies, web series, tv shows, and many other videos. Sometimes we wanted to have captions to get a more clear idea about what is happening in the film. However, many times it happens that the video that you are watching doesn’t have subtitles or captions.

If you are looking for how to add subtitles to the VLC player? then you are at the right article. We have added all the steps to insert captions into the VLC player video you are watching.

VLC player can be used over Mobile as well as over the desktop for watching videos and we have added the simple steps to add the subtitles on both the devices. You can enjoy the subtitles and captions over Desktop and Mobile devices. Also, the steps we are sharing are quite simple to understand and apply without thinking much please follow the below-given steps for adding subtitles (captions displayed at the bottom of a cinema or television screen that translate or transcribe the dialogue or narrative.)

How to Add subtitles to VLC player Mobile version

If you are watching a movie in a VLC player then it is very simple to add subtitles and you don’t have to miss any movie/web series just because it is in a foreign language. As well as the person having a deaf issue (hearing disability). You can add subtitles to a particular video in just 4 simple steps:

Steps to add subtitles in Mobile VLC player:

  1. Open the VLC player and load the video you want to watch
  2. Download the subtitle file for your movie/web series from a preferred third-party website. Open the video file with VLC.
  3. Click Subtitles and then Add Subtitle File, select the subtitles.
  4. Change the subtitles format like color, font, size
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How to Add subtitles to VLC player Desktop version

VLC Player now supports permanently adding subtitles to a video file. But it’s a very complex and slow process. If you just need subtitles in VLC for playback, you may directly open video > right-click to choose Subtitle > Add subtitle file.

Steps to add subtitles in Desktop VLC player:

  1. Open the menu in the VLC player and the open Media menu setting and select Stream. after that click on the Add button and select your video.
2. Now add the subtitles files – select the Use a subtitle file box, click Browse and then select your SRT file. Click Stream and then Next.

3. Select the Activate Transcoding option and after that click the wrench icon and open the Subtitles tab. Tick the boxes Subtitles and Overlay subtitles on the video. Click Save and then Next. In the new window, click Stream.

These are simple steps you can follow to add subtitles or captions to the videos that you are watching in the VLC player. Hope you find this article helpful and if you really want to contribute please do share this article with your friends. So they will also be able to add the Subtitles into the VLC player easily and enjoy the movie or web sieres.

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