What is a Java file extension and how to open it?

JAVA documents generally have a place with JDK by Oracle. A JAVA document contains source code written in Java programming language. It typically contains a class, its strategies, and its properties. JAVA documents are written in plain text utilizing coordinated improvement conditions like Eclipse and gathered to a CLASS executable utilizing the JAVAC compiler packaged with Java Development Kit. CLASS records incorporated from JAVA documents might be executed by Java Virtual Machine at various stages.

How To Get Java File Extension

The expansion of a document is the last piece of its name after the period (.). For instance, the Java source document expansion is “java” and you will see that the record name generally finishes with “.java”.

We can utilize this document name and augmentation rationale to recover the last piece of the record name and get the expansion of the record.


A Java source document contains source code related to an application created with the Java programming language, and the comparing Java source records are referred to by a Java application when a client demands a bunch of elements requiring information contained in the Java source record.

The substance of a Java source document might incorporate catalog areas of other program records required by the related application to give the client the arrangement of elements compared to specific functionalities mentioned by the client from the application.

These Java source records are coordinated with encoding principles utilized by Oracle for the J document design. Explicit gathering particulars restrictive to Oracle are likewise carried out into a Java source record. Documents annexed with the .j expansion are Java source records created with multi-stage similarity support, similar to the bigger Java program related to the Java source record. A Java application created with a J source record can be opened and mimicked utilizing the Oracle Java Virtual Machine programming. This program has adaptations produced for PCs running on Microsoft Windows-based frameworks, while one more rendition is expected for Mac stages. Linux clients can likewise make, open, and reproduce specific functionalities entered by a creator of a Java program with a J record involving the Oracle Java Virtual Machine variant for Linux stages.

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Libraries that open and converts java files:

JDK by Oracle
See the past passages to more deeply study the primary application. JAVA records are frequently alluded to as JDK engineers since this kind of document is fundamentally made or utilized by this product.
Obscure (source code) by Eclipse Foundation
Overshadow is an incorporated improvement climate with help from different programming dialects. It can make and alter source code saved in a JAVA record. This document design is named Developer.
NetBeans (source code) by Oracle
NetBeans is an incorporated improvement climate for building Java applications. It saves Java source code in a plain text JAVA document. This record design is named Developer.

How to run open JAVA documents

You really want reasonable programming like JDK to open a JAVA document. Without legitimate programming you will get a Windows message “How would you like to open this document?” or “Windows can’t open this record” or a comparable Mac/iPhone/Android alert. On the off chance that you can’t open your JAVA record accurately, attempt to right-click or long-press the document. Then, at that point, click “Open with” and pick an application. You can likewise show a JAVA document straightforwardly in the program. Simply drag the record onto this program window and drop it.

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